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Win and in for Chargers, but Colts pose a problem and its called Nick Foles. Do Raiders trade up?

Even though Derek Carr has a contract extension, Raiders do need a new franchise quarterback. But is it the 2023 NFL Draft and if so, do they trade up to get that QB? Charger fans are getting ready to buy there playoff tickets to Cincinnati. But not so fast. One of the best defensive recognition QBs in the game can ruin it all for Los Angeles.

Tim Daniel NFL Game Scout, Football Writer


Tim Daniel is a NFL game scout , NFL Draft development and professional player development coach, NCAA talent evaluator and football writer for 29 years

In 2021, the Los Angeles Chargers were 10.5-point favorites against the worst team in the NFL. A win in Houston and the Chargers are in the playoffs. But instead, the Texans put a proverbial beat down on Brandon Staley and his Bolts. One win and they are in, and the Chargers were not even close to being prepared to win that football game.

Now a similar situation presents itself. The Colts can be dangerous with Matt Ryan sitting and Nick Foles starting at quarterback. And Foles does pose a problem for the Chargers.

Foles is one of the best recognition quarterbacks in the game. He does a very good job at recognizing disguises, formations, and rotations. And he's able to see things that many quarterbacks cannot. Granted, he does not have the tools that he used to have, but Nick Foles and the Colts are a team that can challenge Brandon Staley and his defense to keep them out of the playoffs. For at least a week.

Bu the Chargers’ defense has been very good for the last two weeks. It is the defense that many thought they would see all season long. The run defense has been decently stout, the pass defense has been very good. On paper, that defense should show up again in Indianapolis. But the Colts still have one of the best running backs in the business and barring any mistakes, Foles can be dangerous.

If that defense shows up, the Chargers win by a touchdown or more and Justin Herbert should have one of the best days he's ever had to make the playoffs. When most of the season they have not deserved to make it.

But if the Chargers do seal their playoff fate on Monday night, Herbert will have the best game of his career and it will lead the Chargers as a real problem in the AFC playoffs.

Granted, just about every playoff game they would play in will be in a frozen city.

But one game at a time and the Chargers cannot look past the Colts.

Christmas Eve night was one of the worst losses the Raiders have had in quite some time. The Steelers are not a good football team and the Raiders could have shown a little bit of respectability for the rest of their season. But Derek Carr cannot be their guy at quarterback anymore.

Even though he has signed a contract extension, they've got to figure out a way to get out of that, trade for something decent in the draft, and draft up to get that franchise quarterback.

If the Raiders are going to use the NFL draft to get their future quarterback, who's it going to be and how are they going to get him? A few quarterbacks are coming out in the draft and of course, some have been saying CJ Stroud is the perfect guy for the Raiders.

Stroud is by far not the perfect player for the Raiders. I think Stroud will be a better quarterback in the NFL than Justin fields, however. He is a selective quarterback. Meaning that. He will be beneficial for some teams and not so beneficial for others. The Raiders are not a team. I see CJ Stroud. Doing well for.

The guy the Raiders need and want, won’t be there when their pick comes around and that is Alabama’s, Bryce Young.

He might be one of the most translatable quarterbacks that have come out of Alabama in years.

Unfortunately for the Raiders, Houston will more than likely draft Young. Several picks down the road, the Colts more than likely might grab CJ Stroud. Some of the other teams in between will not need a quarterback.

Josh McDaniels might be looking at the 9th or 10th pick in the Draft, but does he draft up to get Bryce Young? I think it would be advantageous for them to do so. If they draft up to get CJ Stroud, that won’t be a good fit for them and a Josh McDaniels offense. However, they can trade down to get Will Levis from Kentucky and that could be a very good fit for the Raiders. He is a polarizing figure and has the talent and tools for the NFL. So, he is a strong possibility to be that franchise quarterback as a mid to late first-round pick

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