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The Football Question: What is the Baker Mayfield answer?

Updated: May 27, 2022

Both Baker and Deshaun Watson needed a change. Both needed a couple of things to move on. Baker needs a third - Culture, coaching and Carroll.

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I will admit, I did not think that Baker would translate to the level he was drafted at and I was a bit surprised to see him taken at the number one overall slot. Deshaun, I felt was a better selection than Lamar Jackson. Maybe that was more of a push.

However, the moves the Browns had made over the past year have set a path for a new QB, and Watson has the better skill set for some of the talent that has been acquired.

I am a Mayfield fan but never used to be. Before last year, I loved what Baker had done with the Browns. There is no denying what he has done for Cleveland, and no one else has done it since Bernie Kosar. He has made them relevant and a favorite to win their division. Brown fans have to love the success he brought thru so many years of disfunction. He has the Moxy that carried itself on the field as well and competitively it showed with wins.

If they feel that Baker wasn't good enough and didn't bring some success and happiness to the fan base, Deshaun is in for some trouble with the fan base.

With all of the positives that Baker brought to Ohio, his style and his technique will help someone else.

But who?

At one point I thought Pittsburgh was a location for Mayfield but apparently the Steelers disagreed. So did Chris Simms, and he has been vocal on this matter. But as usual, I think he is wrong. As one of the 'expert pundits' of the league, Sims' relay of Baker's stats to his skill set and talent doesn't make sense and has nothing to do with the Steelers not grabbing him.

Baker's movement set is better than most people think. The Steelers taking Mitch Trubiski because of his Mayfield's mobility and that Baker's stats were not good, is off base. Stats? What about Trubiski's stats? I think it's more of an organizational culture thing with Baker.

His elusiveness is good enough, but during that process of moving from pressure and how he did it, does it affect his ability to make accurate throws and be balanced enough to make those throws? He proved a number of occasions versus various teams especially last year, most notably against the Chargers. But did he leave the pocket too soon or not need to leave it at all?

Seattle is the best place for Baker Mayfield. But there are some drawbacks. However, there is more positives than negatives and it's all because of coaching.

The offensive line for the Seahawks could a real issue for any level of post-season success with Baker at QB. Seattle has an atrocious outing upfront last year and will have to do something serious to fix it upfront and use the draft to do it.

But why Seattle? Shane Waldron. I think Shane is one of the best up-and-coming offensive coordinators in the league. A great outing with the Rams as their passing game coordinator makes him an outstanding fit for Mayfield in Seattle.

Speaking of culture, the Pete Carroll attitude, personality and culture makes Seattle a great for Baker to succeed in the best division in the league.

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