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In 10 years, what's different about Tom Telesco in 2022?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Taking over for quite possibly the worst GM in NFL history in AJ, Tommy Telesco had nowhere but to go up. But why did it take him so long to take that step?

Photo by the Los Angeles Chargers

Tom Telesco is a businessman. But what gives for his lack of business skills for the past nine years? When it comes down to it, he is in a much different position now than at any other time of his tenure. Again, how much different?

Former Charger General Manager A.J. Smith had one decent strength, his ability to draft. However, his massive lack of people skills and his gross desire to fill his ego over win was a problem. Firing a 14-2 head coach to prove a point has created the existing and frustrating history of the Bolts fan base.

However, after 10 years of questionable coaching hires, an opportunity to acquire and then pass on higher-level talent, and dealing with one of the worst professional sports ownership franchises in some years, why now?

The main reason is the coach.

But why? Brandon Staley DID NOT have a successful rookie campaign. Horrible decision-making both offensively and defensively. It is no mistake that the Chargers had Super Bowl quality talent on offense and in the secondary. The run defense did not do much to stifle teams with great guards, and a solid right tackle which let them struggle versus the inside zone scheme.

So with those struggles which were mostly coaching-based, why would Telesco do what he never did with any other coaches? Firstly, he hasn't had a cap space situation like this before. Second, and what many believe, is that he did not have the players for his system. Utter nonsense that Staley did not have system players. That is the biggest misnomer in football. Is Aaron Donald a system player? Aaron Rodgers, Micah Parsons, or Derrick Henry?

Eagles QB Jalen Hurts said it best and correctly when pundits said he was a system quarterback. And his response? I am the system!

The bottom line is that when you have excellent football players combined with great coaching and a GM to get those players, great things will happen.

The bottom line is this, Staley is the right man for the job. Telesco, with the Spanos family in his ear to save money, has finally been given the opportunity to get tier one and two-level players.

So where do the Chargers go from here? The draft will change for the Bolts because of off-season acquisitions. Linebackers, one and three-technique style defensive tackles, and of course the elusive right tackle the Chargers have struggled to fill in the last six years or so.

Telesco's off-season actually was one of the best by any GM in a good number of years. Something that is rare for the organization.

Staley will get his players, Telesco has signed and drafted Super Bowl talent in the last few years so it's time to put up, or well, you know the rest.

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