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An NFL Scouts Quickie: Raiders Josh McDaniel is getting his shot for success, and he deserves it.

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

A horrible year so far for the Raiders and the fans are losing their minds about head coach Josh McDaniels. But owner Mark Davis says not so fast. McDaniels is getting a chance to build his team for a couple years. But how is he going to do it for success?

Tim Daniel NFL Game Scout, Football Writer

LAS VEGAS, NV The Football Report

Raiders have their man in Josh McDaniels and Mark Davis is planning to see his contract through. But why?

Davis is going to let McDaniels build his team. At a minimum, he will coach his contract out. I do believe there is a serious job protection clause in his contract that will allow him to get a shot to try and win during his contractual tender.

So how is Josh McDaniels going to build his team?

With the ill-advised three-year contract extension of Derek Carr, a needed new future quarterback of the Raiders would have been the correct pick. Or why not still?

Josh has the history of a famous and legendary quarterback draft pick selecting Tim Tebow. A fourth-round pick at best was selected in the first round.

Obviously, that pick with the Broncos was a bad move. But was McDaniels trying to make a statement to prove folks if right, he would be boy-genius? Making a point as a first-time coach in the NFL is not a good move. Even if that was not the case, Tebow was a 4th round pick at best. That backfired on McDaniel horribly and his youth had a lot to do with that decision.

However, that was the past and now he has a new quarterback issue he must deal with.

Why am I a McDaniel fan? Why do people dislike him? Fans versus football people.

He is a solid football mind and coach and he's definitely a NFL coach and not a college coach. McDaniels is getting his turn to build his NFL team.

He's going to get his shot in the AFC West to have the second-longest tenure in the AFC West. Brandon Stanley will get fired, or at least he should get fired obviously sooner than later.

Josh McDaniels hire was said at one time to be the biggest colossal coaching blunder of all time when the Denver Broncos hired him. But it looks now as if that has fallen on the Chargers and the Broncos as they hired Nathaniel Hackett who seems just as lost as Staley.

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