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TCU is now Texas college football & Dykes will cost coaching jobs all over the Lone Star star state

Updated: Jan 11

Its been 20 years since we saw arguably the best NCAA national championship football game, Miami v Ohio State. This year, you might be surprised. This could be one of, if not the greatest title game since 2003. Team speed at an extraordinary level for the Horned Frogs and 5-star power everywhere for the Bulldogs. This should be one for the ages, hopefully.

Tim Daniel NFL Game Scout, Football Writer


Tim Daniel is a NFL game scout, NFL Draft development and professional player development coach, NCAA talent evaluator, and football writer for 29 years.

Sonny Dykes has Texas football in his blood. He will possibly have other big-name coaches in the state relieved of their duties.

Jimbo Fischer is close to being gone at College Station. Dana Holgerson will slowly be right behind him at Houston. However, the biggest surprise will be the University of Texas of Austin.

The Longhorns have always been the big brother in the state of Texas. Monday night might change all of that. Sonny Dykes is on the verge of changing high school and college football in the state of Texas. If the Longhorns were still in the Big 12 after next year, Dykes would be sending the memo to Austin that Steve Sarkisian's days are over in Texas.

Sark’s issue at USC and his little anger attack on a bowl worker in the tunnel before the game last week, showed the world that Sarkisian still is a problem child.

His biggest problem is stopping the Longhorns from becoming the redheaded stepchild of college football in Texas.

Dykes will pull the best players from the state of Texas for a while. If the ‘Frogs can win it all on Monday, they will own football in Texas.

The only thing that will be hurting TCU is the NIL. They will not be able to buy players like the Longhorns and A&M through the Name, Image, and Likeness program.

But on Monday, the Horned Frogs will be able to show the world that the Aggies, Longhorns, and Cougars that the Lone Star state is now purple and black, and its capital is Forth Worth.

These players for the ‘Frogs are former head coach Gary Patterson’s players. He deserves some credit for Monday night. He built the recruiting stage for TCU that Dykes has now. Sonny just came in with a plan and the system he wanted to win games. Speed was the answer.

In his very first season with TCU, he is about the change everything in Texas.

UT and A&M pull more 5-star players in two seasons than TCU has in 10. But some of these players are Patterson’s and they have adapted well to Dykes system.

Sonny’s tenure at Cal Berkley head coach was a tough one. After three seasons he was fired and then hired at SMU only to turn the Mustangs into a winner. But not a national contender. Now in his second year and his high-power offense, the ‘Frogs are on the verge of doing something special, which means a non-SEC team will win it all.

Linebackers and a comprehensive blitz package could be a big problem for TCU. Speed and dynamic routes and route running could be trouble for Georgia

Georgia will be a tough nut to crack for Dykes bunch. Power, speed, and NFL talent are everywhere. But so did Michigan. He has the perfect players for his system.

Nevertheless, that system will own college football in the state of Texas for quite a while and that system could get Fischer resigned and Stave Sarkisian fired.

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