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Powder Blue Report: Kyle Van Noy to the Chargers. But who is this a better deal for?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

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Brandon Staley needed this to happen. From a business side, this was managed perfectly. Van Noy's agent and GM Tom Telesco did a fantastic job making this deal happen. The linebacker's value was met and it fits perfectly within the cap. But was this a good get for the Chargers or does this affect Van Noy more?

Many thought the draft was a place where Charger Brandon Staley would fix the depth and talent issue for the destitute linebacker situation. Los Angeles definitely needed this to happen, but some questions from the media have been, is he good for the Chargers? We need to look at this the other way -Will the Chargers be good for Kyle Van Noy?

The linebacker position has not panned out like it had hoped with their best LB leaving. Kenneth Murray's injuries and his being less than productive have hurt Los Angeles defensively.

Sow how does this work for both parties?

From the business side, this was a great deal done by management on both sides. Two years at $12 million is a great deal for both Van Noy and the Chargers.

We have to look at the value of Kyle. It is obviously based on the current market value at the position, but we have to look at the unique dynamic of his production in his career. He is 31 years old he is so no spring chicken. But what's unique? His best years have been in his last four years.

Detroit was not a good start, especially when hack Lion writers are bashing him as "sucks." But he got better which usually happens when a player leaves the motor city. Five of the last 6 years have been in New England and he has been outstanding during those years.

What has to be assessed is this a good position for Kyle? His late-year success has come from the best business franchise in the National Football League with the best coach to ever stand on the sidelines in the game of football.

Bill Belichick gets the very best out of his players that fit his system and philosophy. Its not a wonder why Van Noy spent five years with the Patriots. His snap count has gone up over the last five years in Boston and that says everything about his career. The bottom line, is his production level is excellent at his age and on paper and film, it is a great get for the Chargers.

His skillset does fit exactly what Staley wants. His motor is a good one. Once he makes contact, his hip explosion through the ball carrier is very good. His angles are excellent and he is very gifted cerebrally. The Chargers won on this deal. The philosophy is a great fit, but he steps into a defense that was poor in 2021.

So how is this a great deal for Van Noy? The off-season was a big one for Staley and the Chargers went from atrocious to the best defense on paper so far for in 2022. This is a great deal for Kyle if his snap count is equal in Los Angeles as it was in Foxborough.

The key for this relationship to be great for the next two years has to be game snaps for Van Noy.

A different scheme and defensive staff is a new thing for Van Noy. The facts are facts. Charger ownership and management is not Patriot-like. Staley is not Belichick.

The scheme does and doesn't matter. What I meant by that is Kyle has to be on the field for the Chargers to get that production.

Kyle cannot be a situational player for the Chargers or it won't work for Van Noy or LA. He needs snaps for this work at a championship level that many are expecting in LA.

We have yet to see the defensive wunderkind of Brandon Staley as a head coach yet, but now he has the players and there are no excuses. Van Noy is now with one of the most talented defensive teams in the league and probably in some years. This is a great situation for him.

If he is treated as he was in New England, it is possible Kyle is a Pro-Bowler in 2022, barring injuries of course. If his snap count drops significantly, we won't see what most of the Bolt faithful were hoping for, and it won't be his fault.

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