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Pac12 football recruiting getting better? USC has Kennedy, Arizona has Fisch, Oregon has mushrooms.

It might be one of the best recruiting classes in nearly two decades for the Pac 12. Of course the Trojans are the Trojans. Tradition and a top notch coach that will threaten for a national championship always helps. Arizona has a coach that knows the NFL route probably more than any collegiate coach possible. And the moronic state of Oregon makes legal the 'magic mushroom' as their state psychedelics' of choice. Go Ducks Go.

Tim Daniel NFL Game Scout, Football Writer


.Tim Daniel is a NFL game scout , NFL Draft development and professional player development coach, NCAA talent evaluator and football writer for 29 years.

One minute you're a NFL quarterbacks coach of the most storied professional football organizations in the history of the game, and the next you're a Pac-12 head football coach of team with a 1-10 record. And then go out and get the 18th ranked recruiting class in all of college football. Yeah, so go figure.

I have said it numerous times. What Jedd Fisch is doing at the University of Arizona is exactly what the P12 needs. A great story, better players, outstanding coaches and the hope to keep a conference alive that has dismal leadership.

The story of the recruiting season is Fisch and Arizona flipped a '4-star' offensive tackle from Alabama to the Wildcats. The social media college football world, who knows more about soccer, proved their idiocy by creating a false buzz that the player flipped because Bama head coach Nick Saban cancelled the offer to offensive tackle Raymond Pulido from Apple Valley, California. The same high school and teammate of one of the best high school quarterbacks in the country last season who is now a Michigan Wolverine.

The facts are this. Recruiting hasn't changed in 50 years with the exception of paying players is n ow legal. Of course other lineman were offered by Alabama and the offer to Pulido was not reneged. But my take which is more realistic.

Facts, Pulido is not a 4-star tackle. He is 6-6, 335 and he translates to a major power 5 level. To me I would rate him a high 3-star but that is it. He has decent athletic ability. His strengths seemed to be strength. He mauled high school players. Moved players into the wash with ease. Pass protection is good but not great. When he locked on, he dominated.

However, virtually no flexibility in his hips. Not a solid stance and I saw him struggle with kids on the edge with speed. Would he have done well at Alabama? Yes. But he would have a lot of competition in front of him and he has a lot of work ahead of him.

Pulido was still offered but he wanted to stay close to home and of the best best offensive line coaches out there, Arizona's Brennon Carroll, saw a great opportunity. Raymond Pulido will be outstanding in the Pac12 or Big12 where Arizona will end up.

USC did their job as well in hiring Lincoln Kennedy telling him they are going to the Big 10 before the Pac 12 knew.

But of course their ploy to lure Kennedy to LA was that the Trojans are leaving the Pac12 for the Big 10. Smart move. After all, the conference was destroyed by its last commissioner Larry Scott, only to hire the exact twin of Scott, George Kliavkoff, to sit there and do nothing for a few years. And he's doing a remarkable of that as well.

What Lincoln Kennedy has done was recruit a team that defensively will be very good in the Big 10. The number one recruit in the entire country, quarterback Malachi Nelson, is perfect for the Trojans. But is he perfect fore the B10?

I see a CJ Stroud type in Nelson in the B10. And of course Stroud was the 4th best quarterback in the nation. Time will tell, but overall, USC will struggle in the Big 10 not because of talent, but because they will have about 10 away games. Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska, and a couple other B10 schools will have more fans in the coliseum than USC will.

And then there is Oregon. They hire a unproven head coach from Georgia to do exactly what I said he was going to do. Lose three games and possibly four. That's if they cant stop the most underrated player in college football, North Carolina quarterback, Drake May.

But the horizon is getting brighter in Eugene. In fact so bright, it is looking like shiny stars and rainbows. You know, the kind that the psychedelics' drug known as 'Shrooms.' The loony tune governor of the great Duck state has approved the sale of 'magic mushroom' called psilocybin.

Now how does this affect recruiting for the Ducks? Really not at all. Players would have to be 21-years and older to have access or use them legally. However, along with California, New York, and Oregon, those three states are the train wrecks of America. Bad decisions usually lead to another bad decision. The Pac12 lives that every day.

But Oregon does have a top 6 recruiting class this year, right behind USC. Facilities matter, but at Oregon coaching doesn't. Just ask the Ducks last three coaches, speaking of train wrecks.

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