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NFL leadership doing what they do best, screw the deserving & the earned. Damar's team got screwed.

The National Football League and the National Basketball Association have a lot in common, both are dumpster fire front offices. However, amidst tragedy, Bills' Damar Hamlin is a fighter and doing better. But commissioner Roger Goodell is no fighter. He is shameful and all of this played right into his image agenda plan and right into the unearned #1 seed to the Super Bowl.

Tim Daniel NFL Game Scout, Football Writer


Tim Daniel is a NFL game scout, NFL Draft development and professional player development coach, NCAA talent evaluator, and football writer for 29 years.

The NFL was front and center for the horrible event that transpired in Cincinnati with Damar Hamlin. After a week, it looks lke Damar is doing great, and all of us in the football world are happy seeing his smile. The NFL is too. However, they had to do what they do, and that make themselves look good first, and then screw everyone else.

The Buffalo Bill earned the title as the best team in the AFC and the NFL took it away.

The Bills had to endure that horrible scene with their brother on the field and that unprecedented event. Then comes along the NFL.

The NFL screwed the Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals and literally handed the # 1 seed to the playoffs to the unearned.

National Football League and the National Basketball Association are by far the worst professional and overall sports organizations on the planet.

They are definitely the worst among the big five or pro sports; football, basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer. Both were involved in the promotion and acceptance of domestic rioting, murder and illegal discourse.

However, in the good new-fashioned NFL style and narrative, ‘let's look as good as we possibly can. Be as woke as we can, and in turn, screw everyone around us no matter how deserving they are.’ In this case, they have taken away from the most deserving teams in the NFL, because of a tragic event.

However, let the Bills and Bengals have an opportunity to prove themselves, not hand it over to the underserving. Move things back a week. And don't give me the crap about money and venues. Remember, you had to do the right thing for Daman, and you. But do the right think for Damar and his team, along wit the Bengals.

That image screwed the Bills and Bengals.

Roger Goodell will go down as probably one of the worst and most worthless executives in professional sports. Supporting violence in the streets, cowering to a woke mob that destroyed cities and businesses of innocent Americans. All in the name of an image.

Being in the game for 49 years, I could not imagine what was going thru the minds of the Bills and the Bengals. Literally seeing death on the doorstep of a football field.

The right thing was done to call the game. The wrong thing to do was seed an undeserving team. Basically, the NFL just gave the Kansas City Chiefs their free ticket without earning it to the Super Bowl.

The NFL doing what the NFL does, benefit themselves first inn their image first, and screw the rest on who makes the money.

Both the Bengals and Bills organization should be infuriated over this. Move everything a week out so that game can be played by the rightful number one seed. Not a flag football team running around in circles in a huddle, acting like they're 10 years old, embarrassing the NFL, and they're gimmick of an organization.

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