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LSU and Florida State gave week one of college football, one for the ages.

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

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FSU head coach Mike Norvell was prepared with an outstanding game plan, and they will compete for an ACC title. LSU's Brian Kelly is wrongfully taking heat and will struggle in SEC. But not putting napkins in a food bag for LSU fans is enough for anyone to be fired.

Tim Daniel, NFL Game Scout, Football Writer

NEW ORLEANS, LA The Football Report

We need to congratulate the head coaches from Monday's college football game.

So much can be taken from the LSU, Florida State football game on Monday night. But the headline must read one of the best opening week college football games in recent memory.

Now of course if you were a member of the rabid LSU fan base, anything but a win is calling for the head of the football coach, the quarterback, half the team, the athletic director, the cafeteria lady, and the maintenance man at Himes Hall.

Nevertheless, special teams doomed the Tigers in their 24-23 loss to the Seminoles in New Orleans.

One hell of a scouting report can be put together, but anybody who watched that game it was glaringly obvious the pros and cons from both sidelines.

After reading Twitter, you might think the entire state of Louisiana wants Brian Kelly to give his paycheck back, but coaching was not the problem in this game. LSU is missing key talent in key spots, especially on the offensive side.

Moreover, Florida State head coach Mike Norvell had one hell of a game plan. Different looks from the defensive front, put LSU offensive line on their heels. Offensive coordinator Alex Atkins did a fantastic job of also mixing things up with different sets and formations coupled with a diverse play calling script.

LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels was outstanding. And before you send Kelly packing, that is a different quarterback than what he was at Arizona State. He has been coached at LSU and his development shows.

That 98-yard drive in a little over a minute should be something that Tiger nation should be happy about. In fact, ecstatic. But where LSU is going to struggle in conference is the offensive line. A little understrength and undersized.

However, it is universal that LSU's so-called all-American Kayshon Boutte did not have the game of his career. Disappointed not only in his performance but what I could ascertain, was an visual attitude issue on the field.

Bad games do happen, but putting the ball on the turf multiple times, running mediocre route sparingly, losing focus on routes with the ball nearby, and a drop ball at a crucial time, let me believe his head was not in it the entire game. Now, he will come back and have some high-level games, but in my mind, right now he is not an all-American wide receiver.

One player does not lose a game and again special teams at the very end of the game cost LSU a chance with momentum after one of the most amazing college football drives of all time. And what else? A blocked extra point.

Overall, Florida State will contend with Clemson for an ACC title and has the ability to win it. They can play with the Clemson Tigers. The last two years I have kind of called out Mike Norvell, and like Lloyd Virgil, on Monday he totally redeemed himself.

The bottom line, this game was won on the sidelines by Florida State. It was an outstanding coaching job by the Seminoles, they were deliberate on both sides of the ball, prepared, active on the defensive side and an offensive game plan that was the correct one to play against an SEC team and LSU.

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