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Maybe we don't know it, but is Fisch showing the blueprint on how to get a program back?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Before Sumlin created any long-term damage to the entire football program, the new Arizona head coach put a little marketing magic into the recruiting space.

Be a PRO. It's Personal. Moniker's that fit perfectly into the Jedd Fisch public relations scheme at the University of Arizona. A former quarterbacks coach for the New England Patriots and offensive assistant for the Los Angeles Rams, if anyone knows about playing like a pro, it's Fisch. The chastising hit Fisch pretty hard. The 'first-year head coach' and 'outsider' call were swift from what seemed like the entire alumni and fan base whom wanted something else. It may be a little personal for the coach.

In reality, it's geared for his players, staff and the entire program. The media had a field day labeling Arizona as one of the worst collegiate programs in the country.

The Be A PRO is a little play on words for the players, with its definition of Purposeful, Resilient, Original. I have to admit, when I first heard it, I thought it was brilliant as a recruiting tool. With his stock and experience in the professional game, he knows what it takes at that level to become pro. Nevertheless, it's working no matter what.

Probably the best move of his very short year was to do what no other head coach prior had really done at a level of significance. Reach out to the people that didn't want him. Former greats like former Patriot Teddy Bruschi, Rob Gronkowski and of course having the best defensive player in the history of the school on your staff, always helps in Chuck Cecil.

Gronk actually set a Guinness Book of World Record while visiting in 2021. Catching a football from 400 feet from a helicopter hovering the 50-yard line of Arizona Stadium. The ultimate P.R. job in his first year.

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