An NFL Scout's Quickie: Huepel is BMOC, and needs a gym. Still about Rush, Fisch. Staley has to go.

Updated: Oct 23

Many are saying Tennessee is a real contender. I say its still Alabama's to lose . . . to Ohio State. Chargers Brandon Staley is way out of his league as a head coach in the greatest league of them all. After praising Cooper Rush and Arizona, both lay an egg. But I am still a believer.

Tim Daniel NFL Game Scout, Football Writer

KNOXVILLE, TN The Football Report

The cat is definitely out of the bag. The entire NFL world now knows that Brandon Staley is not prepared for this position and the relationship needs to end in LA. He’s a little bit of deer in the headlights in this position. This is a defensive-minded coach that harbors the most talented defense on paper, and they are one of the worst on the field and in the NFL.

Offensively, highly predictable. Yes, the Denver Broncos have one of the better defenses in the league, and of course, they showed it on Monday night. They knew just about everything that was going to come at them due to offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi’s play script and game plan.

Even though the Broncos played great defense, Russell Wilson is a train wreck. As protected by me the minute Wilson became a Bronco, they would be mediocre at best. That also showed.

This is a very disappointing Los Angeles Chargers football team. Maybe sometime down the road when Staley has got more years in the league, he will do great, but right now he is not NFL material in the National Football League as a head coach.

In fact, we will watch Staley get grossly out-coached by Pete Carroll and the Seahawks this weekend in LA.

If the Chargers want to continue with the talent they have, they need to let Staley go.

Yes, week's podcast I pumped up. A couple of players and coaches and some teams., and I blew it. But I still stand by. Connor rush. The problem I have with the Cowboys is not the quarterback. As much as I want to blame Mike McCarthy, which deserves some of this blame, Jerry Jones and that family is destroying the Dallas Cowboys. The Jones family thinks they're champions in an ass-kicking contest, but they all have one leg. They are delusional if they think that they know talent and coaching. Jerry hit it big with Jimmy Johnson. That’s Jones’ one-hit-wonder.

I still stand with Cooper Rush as their quarterback, and I believe Dak Prescott needs to be put on the trading block. The Cowboys need a solid offensive line and need more than just CeeDee at the boundary going vertical. Dallas needs a lot of help with better players to be a real contender. But until the Jones family can relinquish player acquisition duties to real football people, this won’t happen.

Arizona head coach Jedd Fisch is something I also talked a lot about last week. But then they go up to Seattle and give up 526 yards in total offense to the Washington Huskies. But like I said with Rush, I still stand with Fisch. Arizona still doesn't have that type of player on defense to play at the successful level.

The one thing that concerned me was player regression on defense. Players are losing production on the field, out of position and flat out getting beat, especially in the secondary. Usually, that indicates a coaching issue on the defensive side of the ball. I think they have a good staff, but I'm intrigued on what is happening with the defense. Again, Fisch is playing with players from a bad recruiting class but that will change next year in 2023

What a great win by the University of Tennessee over the Alabama Crimson Tide. More so, a tremendous job by the coaching staff of the volunteers.

Josh Heupel and his staff did an outstanding job and were highly prepared.

But here is the kicker for Tennessee, defensive coordinator Tim Banks. I know, the defense that gave up almost 600 yards to Alabama, but there is a method to this madness. Alabama has weapons unlike any college football team has ever seen in a long, long time.

Defensively the Vols made plays when they had to, and they had a great game plan. Banks is an Outstanding defensive coordinator, and that game was the delivery of his resume to the world for a head coaching job. He's been in the college game for a long time and is one of the most solid coaches in the game. Banks is in the best position for himself right now being in Tennessee because he has players on defense.

Josh Heupel has recruited very well and offensively, Tennessee was as prepared as I have seen them in 15 years.

As a staff, they were ready to play Alabama. And no matter how good any other team was out on that field, the other team was going to score points and get yards. But there is a problem for Tennessee and why I believe they will lose two games this year. Kentucky and Georgia.

Tennessee will have problems with those two schools and here’s the reason why: Vols quarterback Hendon Hooker. I’m not sold on his big game/big play ability. I said this on the radio show the other day and they thought I was crazy because how much bigger of a game can it be than Alabama? He did make plays and the statistics were good. But I am watching him, from a quarterback standpoint, and I don't think he is one of the better quarterbacks in the SEC. He is too mistake-prone and there are some tangibles that he doesn’t have that will win big games when they have to have them.

I see Tennessee losing those two games and ending up in the Sugar Bowl versus Michigan. Time will tell but it would be a great told-you-so segment on my podcast.