How Micah Parsons goes is how Dan Quinn goes . . . Into the Cowboys head coach.

Updated: Oct 25

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There is a lot to be determined in Dallas and it all depends on Jerry Jones. Micah and Dan will live up to their end, but Mike McCarthy will not. Quinn as interim will give the 'Boys a good look in the playoffs.

The week after the 2021 NFL draft, I wrote a piece on Dallas Cowboys first-round draft pick Micah Parsons. I predicted Parsons winning the NFC defensive rookie of the year.

Well of course that prediction did come true, but it was also predicated on the reasoning that the award would be because defensive coordinator Dan Quinn would help get him there. My other prediction would be that Quinn would use him as an edge rusher and Parsons would have a hybrid-type of success.

With that award in the books and the rookie campaign being over for Parsons, what is in store defensively for him and the Cowboys, more so what will happen with Dan Quinn and this Cowboys team?

Since I was a little bit hot on the predictions last year, this next prediction might come true.

Dan Quinn will become the interim head coach sometime during the middle of the 2022 season.

I do believe that Mike McCarthy will be let go mid-season. Now that is a tough call considering that Jerry Jones does not like to be wrong and of course, the Jason Garrett situation from a few years prior makes that prediction a tough one. Garrett deserved to be let go years prior, but Jerry had a little bit of an issue eating crow. I think this situation will be different.

Defensively, the Cowboys have one of the most talented defenses in the league with one of the best defensive coaches in the game. So, what is in store next for Quinn and Parsons?

That division took a step to become a better one, especially by the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Commanders.

Former Tennessee Titans wide receiver AJ Brown and now a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, has made that team one that could win the division. It also made Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts a lot better as well.

The Commanders will get better strictly because they have one of the best coaches in the league in Ron Rivera. Washington’s quarterback position will continue with the unpredictable Carson Wentz. But I love the draft pick of Sam Howell out of North Carolina.

I do believe Howell will become the franchise quarterback at some point. His greatness is left to be seen but I loved him from the start, and I think he will be the Commander's signal-caller.

The New York Giants, have terrible hires and terrible draft picks except for one, Saquon Barkley, will continue to be terrible. What else is there left to say? Nothing.

So, what does all of this have to do with Micah Parsons?

The NFC East has gotten better for the most part which means Parsons will have to be a superstar and continue to get better. Dan Quinn will have to make the Cowboys a much better team defensively.

They will be better through acquisitions and recent draft picks, but I believe we have yet to see the best of Parsons.

His explosiveness off the edge, leverage, and strength are outstanding and he is going to get bigger and faster. We are going to see a larger version of Joey Bosa and TJ watts. As great as he was last year, he is going to have to be even better this year. This year he might be the overall NFL Defensive Player of the Year because he is going to have to be that for the Cowboys to get any depth into the postseason.

And of course, Mike McCarthy will need to be relieved of his duties. For the Cowboys to have some kind of success in the playoffs, Quinn will have to be the guy to take over that team and it cannot get there any sooner.

Parsons had 13 sacks last season which is outstanding productivity for a newcomer at linebacker. However, he is going to need help if the Cowboys are going to see any type of run.

DeMarcus Lawrence is a Dan Quinn type of guy.

Lawrence is going to have to have another year as he had in 2017 with 14 1/2 sacks.

Zeke Elliott is a toss-up as far as what kind of results we will see from him. Dak Prescott should come back to having a Pro Bowl type of season and CeeDee Lamb will be a Pro Bowler. The Cowboys should make a decent playoff run.

With the loss of Randy Gregory, the depth chart has changed a little bit. However, defense is what will determine the Dallas Cowboys’ 2022 season, and that will be Dan Quinn as head coach.