Did Sean McVay punk the Chargers? One NFL player thinks he might.

Sounds silly, right? Rams head coach punked the Chargers in hiring Brandon Staley? Come on, top coaches help other coaches move to a higher level all the time. Bill Belichick has done it with coaches that are not head coach ready. But, with the Staley hire, this is the tsunami of head coaches out of their league in the position. So, did McVay create the greatest 'punked' of them all? It kind of looks that way.

Tim Daniel NFL Game Scout, Football Writer

LOS ANGELES, CA The Powder Blue Report

This might be one of the most embarrassing events in the history of the NFL.

I had a phone call the other day with a professional player that I train during the off-season. I chat sparingly throughout the season and securely record the calls with some of my player clients because we watch film, and we talk about what’s going on out there. It is part of my training system of creating and keeping records of all of my player clients all year long that build amazing off-season training programs.

I record most of the phone calls with my players which are deeply private, and it helps in how we will move forward in the off-season training. Of course, I will never mention his name or anyone player I talk on the phone with. He knows I am paid to write about the Los Angeles Chargers, and I don’t share any team information with any of the player clients of my scouting and talent reports of them.

I have never done this and more than likely never will again, but he allowed me to use some of our call for this story. Because now I am part of the media, and it is a unique story that we in the pro football world are seeing.

I am a coach, I’m pro-coach, and I don’t ‘out’ coaches.

But this is unique and something the league has never seen. Ever. And the media bug side of me must tell it.

Brandon Staley of the Los Angeles Chargers is a NFL head coach that is grossly unqualified for this position, gravely unprepared in how to coach at that level from a head coaching standpoint, and completely lost in the game out there.

It is so bad, I talk with coaches all the time at all levels in high school, NCAA, and professional assistants, and we watch in amazement at what they are doing schematically out there. Personal movement at the wrong times and most importantly, controlling the game with decision-making. It is so bad, every coach, and I mean EVERY coach, I talk to that has watched film on the Chargers all agree, and one respected coach said, “one of the greatest hack jobs of all time the in the NFL.”

My off-season client is part of a team that has recently played the Los Angeles Chargers with a highly successful outcome. During our call, I asked him when preparing for the Chargers, what were the team and position meeting rooms like for that week.

“Wow, talent everywhere on the field, man. But we are watching film and our coaches have a little bit of an under-their-breath laugh because he is pointing out where we are going to dominate, all we have to do is our thing and just go. It just seemed that all of this talent was not lined up right, out of position, or something. Like, they were told the wrong s**t out there or something. We’re watching film and it’s like, they don’t adjust that well or like hardly at all. Like, they can’t stop us, and we can definitely stop them given what’s in front of us. If we do our job against a more talented team, we should f**k them up. It usually doesn’t happen like that. But it did.”


“It’s crazy. These are great players out there for the Chargers and it’s like they are forgetting some of the game or something. Like, when different personnel comes in, it’s like wait, what? This is a different type of player for this situation and that dude should not be in there for that situation. We should own it. And we did. But hey man, I’m not their coach but, whatever. It’s like they’re being told wild s**t by someone, their coaches or something. It’s crazy, man.”

Not surprising because the rest of the world is seeing the same thing. Staley is an NFL head football coach that has no idea what he's doing. And nor is he the caliber of this level of football. What staggers me is how did he get to this position. It's evident that he is a complete deer in headlights.

But seriously, how did Staley get the chief position for the Super Chargers?

It’s easy.

Sean McVay punked the Los Angeles Chargers and he knew what he was doing. Funny, right? But follow the facts.

For the first time in organization history, the Chargers put serious money behind Super Bowl talent. The goal? Do what everybody else is doing. Hire the younger wunderkind coach, overpay him, and then use an amazing salary cap situation that was created by Tom Telesco. Sign some of the world’s best football players in the 2022 season to win the world championship.

Ok, maybe a fun conspiracy but it all makes sense. I’ve been in this game long enough to know crazier things have happened.

Brandon Staley is a good football coach and a respected player’s coach, but he is an embarrassment as a head coach to the city, its fans, and the organization. However, here is the kicker. The league office doesn’t care. The worse the Chargers look, maybe the better. The Chargers have been a giant thorn in the league ever since Alex Spanos’ children started calling the shots in San Diego. They are the worst ownership in the history of professional sports. They were a giant problem in San Diego and ultimately, the Spanos family played the ‘best city in America.’

But what comes come around goes around. Spanos and General Manager Tom Telesco ended up getting played. For millions.

Well done, Sean McVay. He punked the Chargers. I believe he knew that Staley was not ready for that level or better, Staley played everyone. Great salesmanship of football. If that is the case, amazing job by Staley. Too bad his head coaching or the opposite of amazing.