An NFL Scouts Quickie: Vols, Really? Ohio State is better than everyone. Pac12 is a dumpster fire.

Penn State will never be able to recruit like Ohio State, so how do they change that? The Pac12 is the street with mansions on it and front yard is weeds and with windows boarded up. Georgia will win with big pressure on Hooker Hendon. Tennessee will win if the receivers can run wild.

Tim Daniel NFL Game Scout, Football Writer

LOS ANGELES, CA The Football Report

I admit I have to eat Crow. Boy was I wrong last week. For the last few weeks, I had built up certain teams in certain players, and finally. The last week of October blew up in my face. Every player and team in the game I talked about. And promoted. Ended up in a dumpster fire. But I have someone to back me up on this and it's Kirk Herbstreit telling me to believe in Tennessee.

I am a believer, but there is a ‘but’ to the Vols.

Are the Vols for real?

I believe him on his latest take on college football. After they beat the taunted Alabama Crimson time, I believe that Tennessee has what it takes. And one of the most exciting college games of the year will be Tennessee versus Georgia. This week.

This Georgia game will be huge with a line of Georgia minus 91/2. the Georgia game will come down to a series of players and it’s the Tennessee wide receivers. If Cedric Tillman and Jalin Hyatt have big games, the Volunteers will win this game. And for them to have a big game, quarterback Hendon Hooker must have time to throw. Can Tennessee take advantage of the youthful yet talented secondary of the Georgia Bulldogs?

However, can Tennessee win? That is a big yes. Hooker needs to be able to the ball. Quick possession routes and deeper, open vacant routes in the middle of the field will help the Vols. Watching film on the Vols, combo post routes with what I call Dig routes, will open up the passing at all positions of the field, from boundary to boundary. The young Bulldog secondary can get beat, but Hooker must have time to throw.

I believe the passing game for Tennessee will depict what happens in this game. Georgia's secondary is young. With the corners and secondary of Dylan Everett, Kamari Lassiter, Kelee Ringo, and Georgia defensive coordinator Glenn Schumann will give Hooker all he can handle. Tennessee's wide receivers are greatly talented but if they can put pressure on Hooker, which I believe they, that will be the decider of the game. Georgia will put pressure on the quarterback the game is over.

I do believe Georgia wins this game and it’s by extreme pressure on Hooker. But I do not believe they will cover. Georgia by 4

Penn State does not have Tier One players

The Penn State/Ohio State game was one that truly disappointed me. I thought head coach James Franklin of the Nittany Lions had turned over a leaf in recruiting and had the team that can win the Big 10. Well, in the first half against the Buckeyes I thought that.

There were multiple problems in this game for Penn State, and believe it or not, they could have easily won that game. Scoring 30-plus points on Ohio State is an amazing feat. The Buckeye defense is deep and talented, and for the first time in a long time, they have a very good defensive staff. But problem one is for Penn State and it is an easy one to see. They don't have Ohio State-type players.

For every good player that Penn State has, Ohio State has two of them.

Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford made big mistakes throughout the game and I'm not talking just interceptions and turnovers. When you watch the film and watch the game, there were times when Clifford needed to check out on plays versus what he was seeing defensively.

Ohio State, schematically, had Penn State covered. Clifford needed to check out and audible out of a number situation where OSU outmanned them or head it covered. He missed a boatload of opportunities to be able to move the ball down the field if he would have called out of and into a favorable situation. When you watch film, Clifford had to see open opportunities in the run and passing to check into. He did not do that and ran plays in the outmanned or a covered situation.

There were times the Buckeyes disguised some things with a spy on just about every play. OSU walked out of a defensive formation that Clifford could have checked out of.

It seemed to me that Ohio State was one step ahead of Penn State on almost every play, especially in the second half. I'm not a Ryan Day fan, and I've voiced my opinion on that, but his defensive staff, which was atrocious last year, did one hell of a job against Penn State and the players were superior to the Nittany Lions.

Pac12 is a dumpster fire that is not a Power 5 conference anymore

It is so alarming and pretty disgusting how a storied collegiate athletic conference can sit and do nothing and turn into a skid-row type of situation and do nothing. It's almost like a governmental entity that sits back and watches its town or state turn into a dumpster fire.

The P12 is like that one street where every house looked like a mansion. The yards were manicured, streets looked beautiful. Now, those mansions have weeds in the front yard and the windows are boarded up and the street is crime-ridden. That is the current state of PAC 12.

This last summer, I talked with the voice of the Bruins and former UCLA quarterback Great and NFL quarterback Wayne Cook. And we discussed the state of PAC 12 and he agreed that the Pac12 has to do something big to save it.

Back in May, I wrote a column predicting that UCLA and USC would run off to the Big 10, and sure enough, it did happen. A former Commissioner named Larry Scott was like that mayor who doesn't care about crime or the state of his commonwealth. And as long as he looks good doing something that is going to put money in his pocket, that turned the PAC 12 turn into a train wreck.

They then hire a casino executive out of Las Vegas by the name of George Kliavfoff to come in there and save the day. What he has done is sit there and watch two teams leave the PAC 12, and watched the value of this conference monetarily from broadcast rights, absolutely get destroyed.

The PAC 12 is done. These teams are never going to be able to recruit at a very high level. People need to understand that the schools in the PAC 12 need a ton of money to build their facilities into something that is going to recruit a five-star player on the West Coast and keep him on the West Coast. I talked to a player who took his recruiting trip to Alabama and visited four other PAC 12 schools. He says it’s like going to a five-star restaurant with lobster and an amazing show. And then go on trips to the Pac 10 to Applebee's and are told their ribs are better than they are in the south.

In this current state, the P12 will never be able to compete against the other Power 5 conferences due to the issues of recruiting and money.

They are losing five-star West Coast players to the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, and SEC. They will never be able to recruit like that. They will never be able to hire like that. And when recruiting experiences are