An NFL Scouts Quickie: Raiders have their coach. Stetson for Heisman. Andy Reid is a football God.

Totally redeemed myself in my scouting report for the Vols, Dawgs game. The Raiders will let Josh McDaniels pick his #1 overall draft pick. Andy Reid makes the rest of the NFL look less special. The Heisman mob needs to do the right thing and Invite Stetson Bennett.

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LOS ANGELES, CA The Football Report

Harry couldn't have said it any better when he told Lloyd he couldn't be any dumber when he goes out and totally redeems himself. Well, I might have the life smarts of Lloyd and Harry, but this past week, I have totally redeemed myself. In my week 8 episode on The Football Question podcast, I screwed the poach on a couple of players and a handful of games.

Totally Redeemed Myself

My scouting report on Georgia and Tennessee went exactly as scripted. Thankfully, I've had quite a few people on social media point out that I was spot on. Was it hard to realize what would happen in that game? Not really. Breaking down the film on weeks of games on both teams, the receivers for Tennessee would be the big bully if they were going to win. However, Georgia did exactly what I had predicted. Winning that game decisively would determine pressure on the quarterback. Seven sacks on Hendon Hooker was a pivotal point in the game.

One thing that I did question in this game was the youth in the secondary from Georgia. But that youth stepped up and played at a high level. Freshman Malachi Starks had 10 tackles and Javon Bullard had two sacks and seven tackles.

But the one guy that I thought was pivotal in Georgia winning this football game was quarterback Stetson Bennett. You know, the guy who has been snubbed so far by the Heisman Trophy committee? His numbers were terrific against the number-one-ranked team in the country. He missed a few throws, but the bottom line, he won that game for the Bulldogs. Bennett put Georgia in the position. Win the football game.

Of course, Georgia's defense was remarkable, like many thought it would be. But I don't know why it is Bennett is getting ignored in so many directions. Certainly, the corrupt Heisman committee will have to take a second look at that.

Doesn’t the Heisman not choose the actual best player in the country, and usually give it to the best quarterback who has the best player, with the most wins and the team is really good? Seriously, that's what the Heisman Trophy is all about.

So, if that is the theory on how they are giving the Heisman Trophy away, Stetson Bennett should be the number one favorite. He's not the best quarterback in the country, but he is on the best team surrounded by all the talent, and they will more than likely be in the national championship game against Ohio State.

The bottom line is this, the award committees should take a longer look at Stetson Bennett. The guy wins and he leads. Word has it that he's a little bit of a prima donna in Athens. But are we going to give it to the quarterback on the best team or are we going to give it to a nice guy? If that was the case, Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck should have won the damn award.

Why Josh McDaniels is still the Raiders HC. He will get his dream QB next year

The reason that Josh McDaniels will not be fired this year or the next is a simple one, and its two names; Bryce Young and CJ Stroud.

He will have his pick. Derek Carr will be a backup with someone else next year and Mark Davis will build his team around McDaniel’s and his ability to develop top NFL draft picks. Assuming the Las Vegas Raiders get one of the first two draft picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, they will go quarterback.

The Raiders will or should keep Devante Adams, release Carr and their salary cap will do the talking for the rest of their 2023 roster. But overall, the offense is the real problem.

As the world of the NFL fan-world bashes McDaniels, they cannot understand why he is a head coach and why organizations keep hiring him. It’s because organizations of the NFL know that Josh McDaniel is a talent and knows the game of football at an extraordinary level.

I believe where his stock fell was gambling with draft picks in Denver and having a hunch on Tim Tebow. It was a hunch. Most knew Tebow was a late-draft pick but I understand the hunch because there were tangibles there with him. Unfortunately, he did not translate very well in Denver and would not have translated anywhere else in the league.

I think Josh can get some redemption in the draft by choosing Bryce Young. Very mature, has tools, and poise, and is an immediate NFL starter. CJ Stroud has the physical tools and is a leader like Harper, but his questionable speed and lack of high-level out-of-the-pocket ability to make plays in the league will make him a late top-10 pick talent-wise. But, Houston will take one of those quarterbacks.

Andy Reid. Enough Said

Andy Reid is remarkable and right now is the best coach in the National Football League and will be Coach of the Year. End of story.