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An NFL Scouts Quickie: Buckeyes can win it all because of matchups. But coaching be their demise?

As in any national championship, most teams get their on their talent and coaching. But Ryan Day the last couple of years as been less than impressive. But not his players. Talent and matchups is what what will win the title for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Tim Daniel NFL Game Scout, Football Writer

COLUMBUS, OH The Football Report

After last week’s Michigan game, I asked myself why for the second year in a row is the hiring process for a skilled defensive coordinator at the Ohio State University is such a hard one.

Going back one year, the Oregon game at home was one of the most inept performances from a DC that I can remember, probably ever, coming from a power five program.

The Ducks scored three touchdowns from the same part of the field, with the same personnel, same hash, same formation, and same motion. Each time, the defense did not recognize it, adjust, or defend it. I would have known several junior pee wee coaches that would have not only made the adjustment after the first score but would have called a timeout after it happened the second time.

That Buckeye coach was fired.

This 2022 Michigan game was very similar. Jim Harbaugh made Ryan Day look inept. Or maybe it was Wolverines offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore, taking what OSU defensive coordinator Jim Knowles was giving him, and then doing it over, and over again because Knowles wouldn't do anything about it.

Knowles still has his job. And I think he will keep his job and here is why. Ohio State can beat Georgia. They can also beat TCU and if given the shot, I believe they will beat Michigan if given another shot.

After the Maze and Blue put down a whoopin’ in the Shoe, I think that might have been exactly what Ohio State needed. Talent-wise, there is not one team in the country that is more talented than the Buckeyes.

However, how can we define the process for OSU winning the national championship?

It’s all about matchups.

The one problem that the Bucks will have with every team is coaching. I have not been a proponent of Ryan Day for the last couple of years and am still not a fan of him as being a top coach in the college football game.

TCU offers a matchup problem for Ohio State with overall speed. However, field talent belongs to the Buckeyes. Sonny Dykes offensive mind and scheme will give Day trouble. Or should I say give Knowles problems. But talent wins the day for the Scarlet and Grey.

Both OSU and Michigan can beat Georgia this year. Day and his crew are evenly matched talent-wise. Offensive scheme-wise, I think CJ Stroud and a highly skilled receiving corps can cause problems against the Bulldogs’ young secondary.

Stetson Bennett is the wild card in this game. He knows his offense backward and forwards and he doesn’t make mistakes. This game does come down to fewer mistakes as well. Kirby Smart again will outcoach Day, but I like the slim, overall talent of OSU to upset Georgia. Plus, I think Michigan beats Georgia as well if that becomes a matchup.

And the rematch? No need to relive the scouting report in that one. Again, players will beat all three teams and the Ohio State Buckeyes will win the national championship.

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