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Acquiring Sony Michel is big. It matters when it comes to winning the AFC West and more.

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Acquiring Sony Michel brings a veteran, great vision and durability. Michel creates one of the deepest and diverse running back rooms in the league. But what it really says is that is a must that the Chargers with the AFC West now.

Tim Daniel, NFL Game Scout, Football Writer

Los Angeles, CA The Powder Blue Report

In the presser with Brandon Staley and Joe Lombardi, their ability to downplay a pickup like Sony Michel is impressive. But what they just picked up and signed, is bigger than they will let on. In fact, it is downright giddy.

The Los Angeles Chargers pulled the trigger and surprised many with a pick-up and signing of durable running back Michel. Considering the off-season acquisition of former Texas A&M running back Isaiah Spiller, and the vast improvement of Joshua Kelley during this preseason, Michel is a considerable move for the chargers in their quest to win the AFC West.

Michel’s signing with the Chargers is big for their offense. Los Angeles now has one of the deepest backfields in the league and the AFC, so he is a huge pick-up for the Chargers.

According to sources inside the Miami office and locker room, this release by the Dolphins was a big surprise and raised some eyebrows from some of the players.

Both the Chargers staff talks about how bringing in Michelle gives great value to the backfield. I believe they are holding back because releasing Larry Roundtree and picking up Sony Michelle triples the value of that backfield.

I had stated earlier to another magazine, that this acquisition is bigger than most people think when it comes to adding not only value to the backfield but bringing a veteran presence to that room.

There is one reason that presence is there. He is the older version of Isaiah Spiller.

Let’s do a scouting breakdown of Sony Michel. His durability is one of his strengths. However, his greatest attribute is his vision in the inside run zone scheme. He has excellent eyes for the inside zone scheme, and his patience and development in the inside zone are outstanding.

His patience and ability to read a defensive front and let the inside zone play itself out, put him one of the top five or ten backs in that league when grading that ability.

Michelle is a 1st thru 3rd down type of back He is not the Pro Bowler Austin Eckler, but he is standing third and short running back based on his skill set and ability.

The bottom line, he is the older version of Spiller. In Lombardi’s presser, he said that bringing Sony in “brings that veteran presence to the locker room.”

His presence is mostly geared toward Isaiah Spiller. There is so much commonality between those two that just makes this almost a genius acquisition for its value. He is not there to babysit Spiller, but you have two talents like this in the backfield, similar skill sets make this pick-up important to winning the AFC West.

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