A NFL Scout's Quickie: Is the NFL head stage too big for Chargers' Staley? Yep. For now.

Updated: Sep 27

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For the love of God, Joe, let him throw.

Joe Lombardi has Howitzer-type weaponry with a conservative plan of attack that is failing. Most of his colleagues are using pea shooters with wide open, liberal distribution, and winning battles. But is it Lombardi's fault? I say look at the General.

Tim Daniel NFL Game Scout, Football Writer

LOS ANGELES, CA The Powder Blue Report

It is worse than it looks.

There is a hiring matter within a high-level professional football organization. It looks as if that issue is due to an executive position hire that might not have been the correct one. That organizations approach, lack of preparedness, and readiness by its operational leader for successful execution, is something that warrants someone to investigate it.

I’ll do it.

It is the Los Angeles Chargers and there is a very real problem within its coaching ranks. It is bad and it is starting to look like one of the worst investments an NFL organization can make. Hiring an executive position that is colossally not prepared or ready for this stage and level of the business, shows there is a recruitment issue with this organization.

From the very first snap of Sunday’s Jacksonville Jaguars game, it was evident that the Chargers were not prepared for this football game. It is something that has become a little bit of an unfortunate trend going back to the 2021 season.

That problem falls on its head coach.

I have stated this before, last year he looked like a deer in the headlights, and that does happen to young coaches. But the fact is, Brandon Staley is not ready for this job, he is not ready for this stage, and it shows week-in-week-out.

Staley has some good qualities and I know why the Chargers hired him. He knows football. Has that wunderkind value to him like Sean McVay and a few other NFL youngster head coaches. He is a player’s coach, and the players gravitate toward him. The players play for him.

But herein lies the problem. It does not take statisticians or molecular biologists to see what is happening. The Los Angeles Chargers are not prepared, they are not schemed up correctly and it shines even to the football layman.

The difference from last year to this year is he has the most talented football roster in the National Football League. On paper, it is one of those teams that the league has not seen in a long time from a talent standpoint. Potential greatness. However, this team is not only getting beat but they are getting beat up.

To put it simply, Staley is getting outcoached every Sunday. Last season they struggled versus the run, and it was an apparent talent issue. This year he has the talent and it's the same result. One very terrible football team and a mediocre one has dominated them up front. Defensive schemes up front are getting picked apart by opposing offensive coordinators and head coaches. Linebackers are not making plays they need against the run and that is a problem created by the defensive lineman in the zone blocking concept, or it could be a talent issue at linebacker.

A very good offensive line is having a horrible time getting to the second level to either chip or get hands on the second level. Linebackers are making too many plays which leads to the atrocious average yards per carry.

Problem number two is the offense. Joe Lombardi is a longtime seasoned NFL coach. Is he ready for the offensive coordinator's position? He probably is, however, his skill level does not sound like it's at this point yet. When you have the talent that you have on that offense, a play-calling script that doesn't make sense, and take advantage of that talent you have, these types of things are going to happen.

A team who has the most talent on both sides of the field they are not producing in the National Football League as it should, it is a football executive problem that needs to be managed. However, this management and its ownership will not do anything about this.

Does Brandon Staley belong as head coach? Yes, he does. Can you turn the season around? It is possible but highly unlikely. If they do not make the playoffs this season, Staley will remain the coach of this team until his contract runs out.

This team does not look like it will make the playoffs for the second straight year. With this talent, there is no excuse.

Right now, it is looking like this is a poor hiring decision.

Giving it to the end of the year to see if Brandon Staley goes from his atrocious coaching job last season to the equally atrocious effort this season. he has football smarts, and when you talk to him how could you not want him in your clubhouse and your organization? But when it comes to Sundays, the mistakes are getting too many, too much out of hand, and they are an average football team.

Staley is the head coach, and he needs to stay there this year. But the Chargers will not make the playoffs this year and Brandon Staley will keep his job because of injuries. Just like Mike McCoy before him and just like Norv Turner before that.

But right now, enjoy watching the very talented and beat-up team struggle to make a .500 season.