A NFL Scout's Quickie: Russell is a mess, Tua needs direction, and Josh is not the best on his team.

Updated: Oct 25

Takes from my podcast as an NFL game scout airing Saturday morning. The Buffalo Bills best talent that is not on the field. Russell Wilson is not a mediocre at best professional quarterback. Tua Tagoviloa injury is a NFL medical disaster and Mike McDaniel should be fired.

Tim Daniel NFL Game Scout, Football Writer

LOS ANGELES, CA The Football Report

The NFL is a certain type of show right now and its not something you would like to walk into.

Tua In Trouble

The Miami Dolphins Tua Tagoviloa health saga is a very bad medical situation for the NFL. In fact, Dr. Chris Nowinski, who is the founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, said this is a “medical disaster” on the untalented Dan Le Batard show. But Nowinski is right. No pun intended, but it does not take a scientist to figure out Tua should have never been on the field against the Cincinnati Bengals.

To see what happened to Tua the week prior and then to see him hit the ground and his body starting to contort the way it did, Dolphins Mike McDaniel and medical staff should then have been fired on the spot. The NFLPA is chomping it to bits to get their hooks into the Tua crisis. Doctors have been fired but so should have McDaniel.

This will happen again to Tua this year and he will be done for the rest of the season. If that is the case, he should walk away from football and not risk being the next Junior Seau.

Told You So

When Russell Wilson was picked up by the Denver Broncos, I said the Broncos will be a subpar team because Wilson is a subpar quarterback, and they will have trouble scoring points.

I was right.

I broke down the film this morning and he is simply a decent professional quarterback. He still throws a good football, but he is the worst quarterback in the AFC West. His delivery has slowed down, his look-offs are even slower and just is not what he used to be as a Super Bowl champion QB. The Broncos will be an 8-9 team at best and Wilson will have the worst season of his career.

Best Bills Players Are Coaches

Of course, Josh Allen is the face of the best team in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills. But what probably many do not know is that he is not the best football personality on the team. The Buffalo Bills are the best team because of three people not named Josh Allen.

Sean McDermott, Leslie Frazier, and Ken Dorsey are the reason the Buffalo Bills are the best team in the National Football League. McDermott is special. He kind of has that wunderkind-ish thing about him that the NFL and owners love.

He is a great CEO, he is a great manager, well versed in his scheme and his teaching abilities are uncanny. He has one of the two best defensive coordinators in the league and one of the greatest of all Frazier. In fact, the reason the Buffalo Bills are going to win the world championship is because Leslie Frazier will have his defense win the game for them

Ken Dorsey and Josh Allen for a magical football affair.

Josh Allen is going to be Josh Allen no matter who coaches him. But Dorsey has done a remarkable job putting Josh in good situations. Coaches that really know the science of breaking down film are the coaches that are usually the best. Ken Dorsey is at his best right now as a coach.

The Buffalo Bills will win the AFC because of coaching. Book it!

Rush is the new Warner

I'm contracted to scout one NFL game a week. I get an e-mail very early Tuesday morning of the game I am to break down from that weekend. Additionally, all of the necessary links to get to the game film, and then I have 48 hours to develop and deliver my comprehensive scouting report and talent evaluation. This past week I was fortunate enough to scout the Dallas Cowboys versus the Washington Commanders.

It was enjoyable but this won’t take long. The Cowboys quarterback Cooper Rush is a better quarterback than Dak Prescott. If Jerry Jones gets rid of Mike McCarthy, and hires Dan Quinn as his head coach, and puts a solid offensive line and wide receiving core around Rush, he will be the next Kurt Warner-type QB. That could get the Cowboys back to the promised land.

His tools are outstanding, his reads show me that he has a superior grasp of understanding what is in front of him thru film and seeing tendencies.

Jones needs to let Prescott go, put his eggs in the basket of Copper Rush, get him some talented and veteran sidekicks and I think the Cowboys have a real chance in the NFC