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5 NFL teams that will surprise NFL fans this season

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

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A couple teams might not be a surprise, but the overall outcome might be the biggest. Coaching will play the most important part in the overall outcome in January and these teams might have what it takes.

Tim Daniel NFL Game Scout, Football Writer

Los Angeles, CA The Football Question

The Los Angeles Chargers are the most talented team in the NFL. Bottom line. Deal with it. So, what is going to keep them from not winning the AFC West, and what will get them to the Super Bowl? Firstly, Brandon Staley must get out of his own way. The Chargers had three losses that were 100%, completely his fault. That means he lost those games, period. That is on him. Not his players. His fourth-down efforts are still going to continue this year as he has made it perfectly clear that they are going to determine if they lose or not the other team. But all I have to do is say this, stop the run and Justin Herbert. Staley defending the run game and Herbert are the keys to a huge run. He is the number 3 quarterback in the league. They four players on their team that are the best in that position in the NFL. And the potentials are pretty close to certain. Three potential Pro Bowlers on the offensive line. Two Pro Bowlers at wide receiver. A Pro Bowler at running back, two All-Pros at the defensive end position, two potential Pro Bowlers at corner, and the best free safety in the league. The Chargers are going to have to beat Buffalo in the AFC championship game and could win it all if Staley keeps the main thing the main thing. Oh, and not going for it on 4th-and-8 on the minus-18.

Never understood why this team is hated on so much. I think the layman's football brain does not like them. When Kliff Kingsbury was hired, that is where it started. I loved that hire, and he is going to be one of the best. If he remains as the chief of this football team, they are going to be in the playoffs and could make a run deep. The manager’s office and Kliff have done a respectable job of making this probably one of the most talented Arizona Cardinals teams of all time. They have made their offensive line strong, and their quarterback, in my opinion, is a top seven quarterback. Of course, the receiving corps is strong, but my concern is them stopping the run. Cardinals will beat the 49ers, and the Rams once this year, and they will sweep Seattle. The NFC West will have three teams in the playoffs if, of course, the Cardinals are healthy, and the Kyler Murray has the year I think he will.

I have written on this before. I believe the Cowboys will start with a mediocre season. Jerry will fire Mike McCarthy mid-season maybe a little earlier or later. Dan Quinn will take over as the head coach and they will make a great run for the end of the season to possibly win the east and make the playoffs. If Dan Quinn is the head coach at by the end of the season, I believe the Cowboys will make the deep run into the playoffs. I am a DAC Prescott fan, but I am only 75% on this guy. Decision-making is an issue for me to be 100% on Prescott but I am all about the Cowboys offensively, their skill and speed at the boundaries and vertical. Defensively, Dan Quinn is their coach. Enough said. I like the Cowboys and Packers in the NFC Championship.

If there is the last name of Harbaugh attached to it, I am all over it. John Harbaugh in my opinion is the second-best head coach in the NFL. Of course, the dude up in Boston is #1. But I was never a Lamar Jackson fan and never thought he would pan out as he has, and I give that credit to his head coach more than half. Harbaugh has developed him into one of the best quarterbacks in the entire league. I don't need to talk about any other position. If Jackson is on and consistent all-season Baltimore could be in the AFC championship game. If he eliminates mistakes, stays healthy, and makes good decisions throwing the ball and taking himself out of the pocket, Baltimore will play the Bills for the chance to be in the AFC championship game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

AFC South will be between the Titans and the Colts. However, I like Matt Ryan, absolutely love Frank Reich as their head coach and I believe the Colts will win the central and make the playoffs. They have the coaching and good players in the right position to make a little run to a possible AFC championship spot, but when you have the Chargers, Chiefs, and the Bills, I do not see the Colts going any further. They will win the central and will be in a wild-card game against the Chiefs or the Raiders. Can they beat either one of those teams in a playoff setting? I do not think so. But if it can happen, Frank Reich is the coach that can make it happen.

The pick for Super Bowl 57, Chargers and Packers.

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